Methi Prawns


Prawns by themselves are very tasty seafood , they enhance the flavour of curries , rice or just on their own as tandoori . Cooking them with fresh methi leaves ( fenugreek) was a match made in heaven , such an unique flavour and made for a yummy side to a simple rasam sadham . This is such a straight forward simple recipe .


Prawn -1cup washed , shelled and deveined

Methi leaves – 1 cup washed

Onion -1 Big, finely cut

Tomato -1 Big, diced

Garlic -4-5 pods , coarsely cut

Curry leaves -1sprig

To season

Oil -1tbsp

Fennel seeds (Sombu)-1tsp

Bay leaf-1

Chilli, Coriander, Jeera, Turmeric powders and salt as required and according to your spice level


Wash, clean and devein prawns , then marinate with chilli powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, jeera powder, salt and ACV ( apple cider vinegar ), I am partial to ACV , but you can add lemon juice , works the same way .

Add oil in pan , season with the mentioned ingredients , then add onion , curry leaves and garlic and sauté until they are slightly browned, add the cleaned and chopped methi leaves , tomato and sauté until well coated with oil then add the marinated prawns.Mix all the contents of the pan well and add just very little water and cook closed for 5 mins . Prawns and methi cook really fast , taste for salt and heat . If required add more chilli powder and salt. Keep in mind that we have already added salt and masala powders to the marination .

Once the dish comes together and there’s no longer water left in the pan , switch off and it’s ready to serve .


*prawns tend to cook faster so just add water as and when required .

*ACV gives the dish a nice zing

*garlic , fennel seeds and bay leaf are prawns best friends , so you can be as liberal with them as your taste demands.


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