About Me

Hi! Glad you’re here:) I’m Sangeetha Prasad. My first memories of cooking are of my Nanamma (paternal grandmother in telugu) hunched over an iron wok twice her size, meticulously stirring yet another delicacy. What I loved best about her cooking was that she could turn the humblest of ingredients into the most lip-smacking dishes. She also served every one of her dishes with a generous serving of love, feeding the entire family and unannounced guests before sitting down to eat.

From her, I learnt that cooking needed a lot of skill, but also a lot of heart. Cooking with love and from the heart became my philosophy from then on

I believe in using simple methods to make yummy food, so more time is spent on enjoying the food instead of in the kitchen. So I have shared tried and tested tips and ideas that have made my time in the kitchen a dream.

I hope you will enjoy trying out the tips here, just as much as I have enjoyed bringing them to you:)