Varagu Sambhar rice


Lunch! Hot and spicy Varagu (Kodo millet) sambar rice with loads of beans, carrots, peas, drumstick, plump peanuts for the crunch and store bought potato chips. It is a very doable one pot lunch for a workday!

I prefer to make yummy wholesome fuss free meals and one pot meals are a boon. You can customise them as you like , they are quick, filling, and not too much dishwashing involved . The Varagu -kodo millet, sambar rice is one such meal,you can substitute the Varagu with any other millet or even rice.

Ingredients for the Varagu Sambar Sadham

Varagu -1cup

Toor dhal -11/2cup

Diced Mixed veggies -11/2 cups ( carrots , French beans , potatoes , green peas , cauliflower florets, capsicum )

Small Onion -5-6 or Red onion -1big

Tomatoes -1big

Sambar powder -1tbsp

Turmeric powder -1/2tsp

Oil and salt as required

Tamarind extract from a goose berry size ball of tamarind

Items for seasoning

Ghee or oil -.2tbsps

Mustard seeds -1/2tsp

Channa dhal -1tsp

Jeera -1tsp

Dried red chillies -5-6 depending on the required spice level

Fried cashews or boiled peanuts with skin as desired (optional )

Asafoetida -a couple of pinches

Curry leaves -few .


Wash and soak the millets for at-least half an hour .

Wash the toor dhal , add both the dhal and millets together, add turmeric and asafoetida and about 4-5 cups of water pressure cook it until very soft . In another pan , add oil , sauté shallots or onions , then sauté the cut vegetables,tomatoes,add turmeric powder,salt and water and cook until vegetables are done , then add in the tamarind extract and after it starts boiling add in the sambar powder and switch off the stove after a min or two .

Now all that needs to be done is to mix the veggie sambar to the cooked millet -dhal and mix well until it’s well combined with no lumps and keep on stove again and stir for about 5 mins, while constantly stirring , then season all the ingredients mentioned in ghee and add to the sambar saadham and it’s done .Garnish with coriander and serve. This is a lunch box friendly meal too.


*Add more water to cook the millets /rice and dhal, eg if you normally use 1:2 millet water ratio then use 1:4 ratio . Millets need more water to cook. This way the sambar saadham will not become hard after it cools down .

*I love ghee in my sambar saadham , so I am usually quite liberal with it .

*if using capsicum , add them in just before adding the tamarind water , so they don’t get too mushy .

*boil peanuts with the skin in salted water and air dry & then freeze them,you can drop a few frozen ones in water to thaw and add them as your seasoning in mixed rice like sambar saadham , curd rice etc

*dried green peas can also be soaked over night , air dried and frozen, so they are ready to be used when cooking vegetables.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Suguna says:

    Hi Sangee! Congrats on starting this blog…interesting home recipes indeed…


    1. sangipra says:

      Thank you Suguna , try them out and lemme know how you like them


  2. Nandini says:

    My another must try recipe . I’ve never tasted varagu though .


    1. sangipra says:

      It will be more tastier than plain rice


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