Chocolate-Mango scoops


The brown scoop was homemade ice cream, made with banana, chocolate chips, milk and cashew paste. The other was a store-bought tangy mango sorbet ! A match made in dessert heaven.You can omit the milk and just use cashew paste instead for a vegan version!


Banana -2 (peeled and frozen)

Chocolate chips – 1/2 cup

Cashews ( soaked in milk ) -1/4 cup

Milk -just enough to blend everything to a smooth consistency.

Maple syrup – if you have a sweet tooth or if the bananas weren’t ripe enough .


Place peeled and frozen bananas in a blender with the chocolate chips,cashews and milk.Blend to a smooth consistency.You can add maple syrup if you desire more sweetness. Then freeze the mixture until set. Yummy home made ice cream is ready . You can use add nuts or dry fruits to jazz it up to your liking or pair it with sorbets like I’ve done here .


*Peel and cut over ripe bananas and freeze them in ziplock bags instead of throwing them away .

Thank you  Suma Bhat for the awesome  tip and the recipe.


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