Kang Kong Stir fry ( water spinach )


Kang Kong is the Chinese name for

water spinach . I cooked it the way Chinese cook it , or atleast how we Singaporeans cook it .

Ingredients :

onion -1/2 finely chop

5-6 garlic pods – chop finely

Fresh Red chilli – bird’s eye chilli – 3/4 chop finely ( more if you want heat )

Chop up the washed greens roughly – leaves and stem .


Add a tsp of oil in pan , add in the chopped onions , garlic , and chilli, sauté until browned .

Add in the greens , sauté well , add salt as required ( greens need very little salt )

Cook closed for max 5-6 mins . Done !

It’s tastes better when there’s still a crunch in the greens .


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