Mutton Biryani


Mutton biryani is a celebratory dish but nothing says you can’t have it on the normal days as well . My version is a light , no fuss , easy to make recipe but not compromising on flavour . I use home made mutton stock for this recipe .

I know there are many recipes out there that require long marination with many spices and cooking with rose water etc . That is for experts and for a restaurant style biryani . My version uses no such ingredients and takes maximum 45mins from cooker to plate .


For cooking mutton

Mutton -1kg ( wash and keep aside )

Chilli powder, coriander

powder -2tsps each

Garam masala -1tsp

Turmeric powder -1/2tsp

Salt -1/2tsp (as per taste )

Baking soda-1 pinch

Add all the above powders and salt to the mutton , mix well until well coated add very little water just enough to mix in the masalas , the mutton will give out water while cooking. Then pressure cook on medium heat for 3 to 5 whistles .

For the Biryani

Basmati Rice -2cups

Water -21/2 -3 cups

Oil – 1tbsp

Ghee -1tbsp

Saunf -1tsp

Cassia bark -1″

Bay leaf -2

Onions-2 large

Tomato -1 large

Green chillies -10-12 (or as desired )slit lengthwise

Chilli powder -3-4 tsps( or as desired)

Coriander powder -2tsps

Turmeric powder-1tsps

Biryani powder -1tsp

Salt as required

Mutton stock cube -1

For Ginger Garlic paste

Ginger -1″ pc

Garlic- 6-7 large pods

Saunf -1/2 tbsp

Cardamom -2

For Garnish

Coriander and mint – 1 cup washed and chopped


Wash and cook Mutton with chilly powder , coriander powder , turmeric powder , garam masala , salt and a tsp of baking soda . Cook with very little or no water . Mutton will give out enough water and cook in its own juices . Mutton must be soft to the touch . If it’s a little tough , don’t fret . We will be cooking it further with the rice so it will be nice and soft .

Wash and soak rice for atleast 1/2 an hour.

Heat oil and ghee in pan , temper with saunf , cassia bark , bay leaf . Then add in the onions , green chillies and sauté until onions are transparent.Add in the ginger garlic paste and sauté well until you get a nice aroma . Take care to not char it . Now add the cooked mutton with its juices and the tomatoes. Let it all cook together for a min or two . Add in the mutton stock cube and let it melt in and mix with the gravy

Then drain the rice completely and add to the mutton gravy and mix gently . Don’t over mix as it will break the rice . Add in the water . Mix again . Taste for salt and heat level . It should be a tad salty and extra spicy . This will even out as the rice cooks and absorbs the gravy .

If cooking in a pressure cookerCook on sim for just 10 mins . And the biryani is done . Switch off the stove . Open after 5-10 mins and check if rice and mutton are done . Then add in the mint and coriander , Mix in gently , close lid and serve after half an hour .

If rice is still not cooked or if there’s still water remaining , cook on sim again for another 6-7 mins . It should be done .

If cooking in a rice cooker

Adding the rice and gravy mixture and cook on standard cook . Then garnish with mint and coriander . Serve after half an hour .

To make mutton stock cube

Pressure Cook fresh mutton bones with the fat with a tsp of chilly powder , coriander powder , turmeric powder and a pinch or two of salt in 1-2 l of water for 10 mins or 3 whistles .

Alternatively you can boil 2-3 litres of water with the spices and mutton bones on a slow flame for an hour . The bones must be fully submerged in water . Then allow it to rest and skim the fat off if you wish . I will leave it in as that gives extra flavour . Then pour into ice cube trays and freeze it .

Once frozen , take the cubes out and store in Zip lock bags for later use .


* fresh mutton will be pink in colour not dark red .

*Add in the salt and spices keeping in mind that we are adding a concentrated mutton stock cube rich in flavours .

* the time given for cooking in the rice cooker is a general suggestion . You can tweak it depending on the rice cooker you have


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