Maavadikaaya bellam pachadi ( raw mango , jaggery chutney )


This dish is close to my heart because One – it was a childhood staple during the mango season. My Nanamma used to make it just for me . Two – it is sweet and Three- there’s no one way to eat it . It’ll be good with a nice kaara kozambu(spicy curry) , or curd rice or Rotis , I even eat it with bread . It so easy to make too and will be ready in minutes.


Sour green mangoes -1( peel and chop into small pcs )

Jaggery -1/4 cup .

Ginger -1tsp (grated )

Green chillies -2-3

Turmeric -1/2tsp

Salt (as desired)

To season

Oil -1tsp

Mustard -1tsp

Dry red chillies -1

Asafoetida -One pinch

Jeera -1tsp

Curry leaves-1sprig


Take green sour mangoes , peel and cut into pcs and cook until soft with turmeric and salt .

While that’s cooking melt jaggery by adding 1 cup water to it and heat it up just until the jaggery melts . Filter the impurities and keep aside .

Once mangoes are cooked . Heat pan , add oil , temper mustard , asafoetida , jeera , dry red chillies , curry leaves , finely cut or grated ginger , finely cut green chillies . After you sauté all this add the cooked mango with the water and the jaggery water add salt and allow to cook closed . Keep stirring intermittently so it doesn’t char . While stirring try mashing the mangoes with the ladle . Once it thickens like a sauce you can remove it from fire . You can even go until jam consistency , but this will harden when you keep in fridge , but if you reheat , it will become soft again .

The jaggery , red chillies , ginger and green chillies is all to your taste . I like it more sweet so added more jaggery


*good sour mangoes work best for this dish


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