Kasoori Methi


Kasoori Methi is a very unique ingredient which adds an oomph to all your dishes .Methi leaves are supposed to be high in iron and vitamins and good for heart and liver health . Good quality Kasoori Methi costs a bomb . We can make it at home a little effort . You can grow them yourself if you have a kitchen garden . Just thrown in some fenugreek seeds in a damp pot and see them grow or just buy bunches of fresh Methi and pluck the leaves and store them in the fridge in ziplock bags . You can wash them as and when needed she use them fresh or dried according to your needs .


Fresh methi leaves – cleaned and washed and air dried.


Spread the prepared methi leaves on a oven safe tray and heat up on medium for 5 mins . Keep checking to see if the turn crisp which they do in max 5-8 mins .

This is after they are done , see how fresh and green they still look . Not anything like the dull brown versions you get from the stores .

You can store it as such in a zip lock in the freezer or lightly crush them and store .

That’s after lightly crushing them . The aroma was divine .


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