Cheese veggie bites


When the munchies strike you on a lazy Sunday afternoon and your conscience warns you that you can’t have hot spicy oily bajjis then the next best options are these cheese veggie bites on cracker . Trust me a thin spread of Riccota cheese is definitely a better option than oily Bajjis especially when you can’t afford to binge .


Any crackers of your choice

Ricotta cheese – spreadable

Cucumber – julienned/finely sliced /spiralised

Carrots -julienned/spiralised

Tomatoes -diced(remove seeds)

Salt , pepper powder , jeera powder , paprika .


Spread a thin layer of Ricotta on the crackers , assemble the vegetables neatly on the crackers and sprinkle the masalas and powders on it .

Ta daa !!! Cheese veggie bites are ready to serve .


*you can add mint leaves or coriander too , and chaat masala works well too .

*you can make a sweeter version by adding strawberries or blueberries, walnuts or pecans , sprinkle cinnamon and drizzle with maple syrup


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  1. sangetha nair says:

    That’s one incredible munchies!!


    1. sangipra says:

      Thank you


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