Curd rice with Pomo pearls


That’s how comfort food looks to me! A very calming bowl of curd rice (rice with homemade yogurt) after yesterday’s heavy ghee roast chicken. Didn’t need any sides as it was loaded with green chilies, grated ginger and finely chopped red onions for the spice, diced green pepper, peanuts and channa dhal for the crunch, tartly sweet pomegranate pearls and curry leaves and cumin and asafoetida for the hunger-inducing flavour! Doesn’t it make a pretty picture too? Nom Nom Nom!


Cooked rice -1 cup

Curd-2 cups

Warm milk-1/2 cup

Shallots -4 finely chopped

Ginger -2 tsps(grated)

Pomo pearls- a handful

Capsicum, carrot-(optional)


Channa dhal -1 tsp

Mustard-1/4 tsp

Cumin (Jeera)-1 tsp

Boiled peanuts -a handful

Green Chillies-5-6 slit lengthwise

Asafoetida(Perungayam)-a pinch or two

Curry leaves


Corainder leaves


Cook rice with more than the usual water and cool and then mash it well .Add yogurt,milk,and salt to it and mix well .Then add cut raw shallots and grated ginger and pomo pearls to the curd rice ,mix thoroughly and keep aside.

Then add oil in pan ,splutter mustard seeds, add the rest of the seasoning ingredients and add it to curd rice and mix well and garnish with coriander and more pomo .


*adding  raw shallots to the curd rice helps to keep it moist and soft and prevents it from getting hard as curd rice usually this way it is a great lunch box option and a one pot meal .

*millets can be cooked and used instead of rice in this recipe.







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