Paneer Gobi in cashew sauce ( cottage cheese with cauliflower)


Cooking paneer with cauliflower or palak is quite common in Indian cuisine . Adding coconut paste to the dish to make it more of a kurma consistency is also quite common . The day I made this Paneer Gobi , I realised I had no more coconut . So I soaked 9-10 whole cashews in warm water and made a paste of it . Then I added it instead of the coconut . Am I glad I thought of the last minute solution !!! A whole new dish was born , the humble Paneer Gobi kurma was given a new avatar .

This version goes well as a side to rice , rotis , parathas and even thosais .


Cauliflower-1 flower

Paneer -2 cups

Cashews -9–10 whole cashews ( soaked in warm water )

Onion -1 Big

Tomato -1 big

Green chillies -6-7( or as per taste )

Ginger Garlic paste -2 tsp

Chilli powder , Turmeric, Jeera powder , Coriander powder and salt as desired .

Mint and coriander leaves -1 cup ( washed and chopped )

To season

Oil -1tbsp

Fennel seeds -1tsp

Bay leaf-1

Cassia -1″


Wash and cut cauliflower into florets , cook it with some chopped onion and tomatoes ( half each of a onion and tomato) , chilli powder ,coriander powder, turmeric powder and salt .

Soak cashews in a cup of warm water for 10-15 mins. Grind it to a paste with water .

Add oil in pan , season with given ingredients and add the other half of finely chopped onions , tomatoes and slit green chillies . Sauté till the onions are translucent and then add ginger garlic paste . Sauté until you get a nice aroma .and add in the cooked cauliflower and mix well and cook closed for 5 mins . Then add in the Paneer cubes and mix well and cook closed for another 5 mins .

Add the cashew paste and mix well , add in the coriander and mint leaves . Mix all the vegetables well and season with jeera powder .


*cook cauliflower such that they are still firm and maintain the shape of the florets .

* cashew paste tends to lessen the spiciness of the dish , so add green chillies and chilli powder as per your taste .

I usually add more than usual as the family prefers it hot .


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