Kovakkai poriyal (ivy gourd stir fry)


Kovakkai or Ivy gourd also called Tindora is a nutritious vegetable . It’s known to be a natural source of Thiamine and helps to control blood sugar . There are umpteen nutritional benefits to this humble, oft ignored vegetable .

Kovakkai can be prepared in different ways , in stir fries, curries or with other vegetables in Avial .


Kovakkai-1cup ( cut lengthwise )

Onion -1( finely chopped)

Tomato -1-finely chopped

Garlic -1pod crushed

Chilli powder , Coriander powder , Turmeric powder and salt .

To season



Urad dhal-1tsp

Peanuts -2tbsp(without skin)

Jeera -1tsp

Curry leaves -1sprig

To Garnish

Coconut -2tbsp (grated)


Steam and Cook the Kovakkai with onion , tomato,garlic,all the spices and salt and water either in a microwave or directly on the stove until they are soft to touch .

Heat oil in a pan,season with mustard, let it splutter. Then add the other seasoning ingredients.Add the cooked Kovakkai and mix well . And cook closed until all water is absorbed stirring off and on .

Add in the grated coconut and mix well, keep on stove for another minute and it’s done .


*i prefer to cut the kovakkai lengthwise instead of discs . Though both work well .

*the coconut can be ground to a thick paste along with sombu(fennel seeds) and added to the cooked vegetable instead of adding the grated coconut .


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  1. VR says:

    Looks yummy!! Was looking to make something different with Tindora, will try it out.


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