Aloo Rotis , sangi’s style .


Aloo rotis,like the name suggests and like we all know are Rotis made with aloo/potato filling . But like i promised,this is very easy to make but with the same yummy taste. So no tedious filling up the dough and rolling it . It’s just a mix in ,all easy recipe.My friend in college used to bring it in her lunch box frequently and even after all these decades I have never forgotten the taste .


Whole wheat atta -1cup

Potatoes -2 Big,cooked and mashed

Onions -1small,finely chopped

Green chillies -4-5finely chopped

Coriander 1-2 bunched – chopped

Jeera -2tsps


Chilli powder,turmeric powder,jeera powder,coriander powder,and salt -as desired

Gingely oil-2tsp

Oil/ghee to make Rotis


Add oil in pan , splutter jeera , asafoetida,sauté green chillies and onion . When done add in the mashed potato and stir well .Add all the powders and stir well to combine .Cook closed for a couple of mins without adding water just to combine all the ingredients well . Cool to room temperature.

Add the atta flour to the potato mixture , add a few jeera , salt , gingely oil ( it makes the Rotis soft) and combine it all in to make a smooth , soft dough . Add water if needed . Keep the roti dough aside for at least half an hour .

Roll out Rotis a little thicker than normal Rotis and cook on medium flame on both sides adding ghee or oil as it cooks.

Serve with plain tadka dhal or yogurt or even pickle .


*you can add methi or paneer or cauliflower instead of potato

*the prepared dough can be stored for upto a week in the fridge .


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