Vegetable Pakoda


When there’s thunder and lightning and it threatens to rain, you need quickly get chopping and mixing and frying ,What you ask ?! Yesss !!!! You are right hot and spicy pakoras ready just in time for the rain!!!


Besan flour -4 tbsp

Rice flour -1tbsp

Onion -1big thinly sliced lengthwise

Carrots – 1 julienned

Cabbage – 1/2 cup julienned

Green chillies-6 or more according to your taste finely chopped

Ginger- 1 tsp grated

Curry leaves -1 sprig ( I add more cos I love crispy fried curry leaves )

coriander leaves , mint leaves ( optional )

Fennel seeds -1 tsp

Asafoetida-1 pinch

Chilly powder , Jeera powder -1 tsp each

Baking soda -1 pinch ( optional )

Salt – to taste

Oil -for frying


Mix all the above ingredients vegetables & spices first and then the flours . This is because you need just enough flour to coat the vegetables no more .Add a tbsp of hot oil and mix well to combine , just sprinkle water so that you make a stiff mixture like so,

Heat oil in kadai and test with a bit of the mixture at first . It shouldn’t rise up too soon nor stay down too long in the oil . Then drop spoon fulls of irregular shaped mixture into the hot oil , I just use my hands to spread out the mixture into the oil , that’s the authebtic way to do it.Fry till they are golden brown .Take them out and drain on a kitchen paper .

Serve as is or with sauce or home made mint chutney. All just in time for the rains 😀


*there should be less flour just enough to coat the vegetables fully, and the mixture can not be too moist .

*adding coarsely ground peanuts enhances the taste


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