Bread Vadai


Saving bread ends proved to be worth it after all!

Brown bread ends, loads of onions, green chillies, ginger and a bit of rice flour made for crispy and very tasty snacks ! Me thinks addition of fried gram dhal powder and some mint and coriander leaves will further enhance the flavour.


Bread crusts (made into crumbs)-1cup

Onion -1 finely cut

green chillies-4-5 finely cut

ginger-a small pc finely cut

curry leaves, coriander leaves,mint leaves

Fennel seeds ( sombu) – few

Fried channa dhal powder ( pottukadalai powder ) -2tbsp

Fried Peanuts – coarsely crushed -1/4 cup

Water -enough to make firm balls

Salt as required

Oil for frying


Heat oil in a deep pan , Combine all the above ingredients , add a tbsp of the hot oil in the pan then add just enough water to make firm balls . Ideally Cover and set aside for 15-30 mins in the fridge if you have the luxury of time .

Then make small flat vadais in hot oil .


*I never throw away the bread crusts that no one wants to eat but save it up in the fridge in a zip lock . When you have a few , blitz it in the blender until you have crumbs and store it in the freezer for whenever you need it .

*Adding hot oil to the mixture will prevent the vadai from drinking too much oil, that was a tip handed down from my grandmother 🙂


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